Sunday, March 8, 2009

I can't describe...

I can't describe how wonderful it was to go to the temple to receive my endowment last Saturday. My younger brother Ryan also went through that day. To have so many of the people I love most in one room was one of the most comforting feelings. I left the temple with renewed faith in God's plan for our lives and for our families. We really are so blessed.

I can't describe how much fun it was to have all the temple goers over for a luncheon at my grandparents' house. Fabulous people, Grandma Sycamore's bread, Joshua bonding with my grandpa, Ellie eating fake fruit, lounging in the front room just talking to those fabulous people-- It was a perfect afternoon.

ps. Can you believe how big Mae is getting? She is officially six months old! And those three women (I cannot call myself that with a straight face by the way) in that last picture are three of the original four suitemates from my freshman year at BYU. It's been seven and a half years since we first arrived in Cougarland. Craziness!