Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recent Times Defined

M.I.A. - the only way to describe me and the blog world recently.

Vortex - what the Starbucks on Las Trampas and facebook chat feels like.

Pink - the color all teachers are supposed to wear tomorrow in support of those whose jobs are affected by the state budget crisis.

Released - what the school district calls my lay-off.

Heath and Kate - my two favorite Oscar winners. I love the anticipation of what Kate will do next and miss what Heath could have been.

Nebulous - what my future looks like.

Saturday - a day I've looked forward to for a long time.

Portland - where Ryan was recently called to serve and where my dad served nearly thirty years ago.

40 degrees - the temperature of my pool when my friends and I decided to jump in last Friday.

Baked Potato Soup - the taste of friendship this past week as Rachel has continued to be an anchor and a constant source of entertaining distraction.

Saddle Rack - a place everyone should go to at least once. Who thought country dancing could look like that?!

Clever Sign-off - something I cannot come up with at this particular moment. Good night!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today I wish...

Today I wish I was an artist - a person who could pick up those fabulous charcoal pencils or pick out a canvas of perfect size and put my thoughts and feelings into colors and shapes. Painting my nails (they're dark plum by the way - so dark, that I look like I'm flirting with my middle school skater days) and doodling during staff meetings are as close as I get.

Today I wish I was a fortune teller - a person who could read the stars or look into a crystal ball and know what my next steps are. What will I do if I lose my job? Do I go back to school, and if so, what for?

Today I wish I was able to snap my fingers and be anywhere - a person who could be with the people I love most at a moment's notice or on the slightest whim. Though all signs of magical snapping are far off, thanks to my phone I got to talk to two of my dearest friends on my prep period - perfect use of time.

Today I am a teacher - a person who gets to encourage and push teenagers who act like they do not want encouragement and who hate being pushed. It's a role I cannot imagine relinquishing without a fight.

Today I am a friend - a person who gets to catch up and hear what my favorite friends are up to - the good and the less-than-perfect. It's a privilege and a comfort.

Tomorrow, who knows what I will be? The possibilities are just waiting to be experienced.