Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh Baby!

I tried to come up with an opening that would convey the thrill of welcoming Mae Alyse Munson to the world, and I have not been able to find the words. So simply put - Mae was born yesterday, August 29th at 6:24 pm in Walnut Creek, California. She weighed six pounds, five ounces and was 19 inches long. It was not an easy delivery, but Juliann stoically persevered with Brett holding her hand the whole time. More details will follow, but for now, here some of the first shots of baby Mae.

Isn't Mae perfect? Not that I'm biased or anything~

Jewels holding her piece of heaven - mother and daughter seem as though it is a reunion and not a first time meeting. God really does have a divinely orchestrated plan for each of His children.

Does Mae know already that these pictures are just the beginning? Eyes covered, saying, "Please, just let me sleep Jaclyn."

Couldn't resist one more picture of her adorable pink socks poking out of her blanket-- they're so tiny!

Babies are such strong reminders of our purpose here on earth - I feel so blessed to be a part of this little one's life. Love you all!

{For more baby updates, check out - Jewels will start posting tomorrow when she gets home from the hospital!}

Sunday, August 24, 2008

One for the Ages

Two weeks without posting - in my pre-blog life, I would have laughed at the thought of caring about not writing on my blog, but here I am way behind with no hope of catching up tonight. I thought I better write a quick post though to let people know that I am not buried (at least not physically) underneath school files or standing in front of an open freezer praying to catch a cold (a way, albeit an unoriginal one, to get out of going to school). Yes, I did go to Hawaii. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I also love the Olympics. No, Jewels hasn't had her baby yet. No, I didn't grow any more before I turned 25. Yes, I was called as activities co-chair. Yes, I did cry about it (ask my Provo roommates the one calling I dreaded and had successfully avoided until a couple weeks ago). Yes, school does begin tomorrow. Yes, I am excited, exhausted, and frazzled by the prospect of 170 new students. Yes, Ryan left for college. Yes, Jewels and Brett did move in. Two weeks without posting - way too long...oh and yes, I wish I could twitch my nose and transport myself to London--anyone care to come along?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Chance~

This is it folks, the last day I have to grow. Maybe in the next 24 hours I will finally hit 5'7'' or have longer fingers that can span nine piano keys comfortably instead of eight. Doubtful I know, but all my life I've been told that you grow until you're 25 and today is all I have left. Here's to hoping!

Just in case you're curious how I am welcoming in the big 2-5...Tracy and Rachel are throwing me a party tonight and I leave for Maui tomorrow morning...blissful way to end a summer and warm up to the idea of being a certifiable adult. And yes, this is probably the only swimsuit shot you'll be getting of my "trip" - it was only taken a few years back when I thought I would one day be 5'7''.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

You can almost hear the cast of Mary Poppins singing whenever you fly kites. Good chunks of time the past two weekends have been spent flying and making are few shots of two weekends ago when I went to the annual Berkeley Kite Flying Festival.

The view from the festival was amazing - Golden Gate on one side - the skyline of Berkeley on the other. It was perfect weather - warm with a breeze. Warmer than we actually realized since all of us went home redder than when we had arrived.

Odd picture to include, but I promised Mags a picture of my new haircut. I am the girl on the right in the maroon shirt - yes, that's me and yes, that is the shortest my hair has ever been.

The octopus kites were fantastic. From certain angles you felt like you were in the ocean watching them swim.

The kite flying crew-- from left to right, Sterling, Jaclyn (yes, thought the name was necessary since some of you might doubt that I would ever have such a short hair), Matt (he's holding our fabulous dragon kite), Kaity, and Nate. Diane was the photographer so obviously she's not pictured, though the dragon kite is hers so she gets extra points.

So there you have it folks - kites, sunburns, laughter, and friends - that day had it all. Tune in later for a the kite making story--