Friday, May 29, 2009

Be Still and Know

Dear God,

I've spent a lot of time the past couple months asking questions that haven't been answered - mostly because I haven't known what to ask. I've felt like I was falling in an enclosed tunnel - not knowing though where the tunnel even began and definitely not knowing where the end could possibly be. I've only felt myself in my classroom - the one place where I know exactly what my purpose is and where I feel most at peace. This is, of course, part of the problem since two weeks from now I'll take down the carefully designed bulletin boards, pack away all my books, and lock the door to E4 one last time.

Tonight I drove alone on the winding road of I-80 listening to talks about life, faith, and obedience. I ended my trek into the Sierras at King's Beach where I sat and looked out over the wide expanse of Lake Tahoe. The words from D&C 101:16 entered my mind as clearly as though someone had said them to me - "Be still, and know that I am God" - I sat, and I was still. I didn't think about the grading I had brought with me. I didn't think about the state budget issues. I thought about divine purpose and divine promises. I thought about how my summers were spent running along King's Beach - playing in the sand and running under the dock - and how much time as gone by since those warm carefree days. And for the first time in a long time, I felt that confirmation - the subtle reassurance that you are at the helm guiding my life. I can't tell you how much that means to know that - to feel that.

I know this note does not have a stamp or a carefully printed address, but I needed to write it. Like a little girl who holds her dad's hand crossing a busy road, I feel as though you've taken my hand tonight. And I want you to know I'm looking up and following the path more diligently that you have set out for me. Your vision exceeds mine, and I'm so grateful to know that you know exactly where I need to be and who I need to be serving.

I know I owe you more love, service, and devotion than I can ever repay, so let me know what I can do to help.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making a Scene

"If you don't take your hand off my daughter, you won't get a scene, you'll get a Broadway musical." Wish when I talked things came out as brilliantly as that.
Anyway....We're up in Tahoe as a family enjoying the "final" Ryanisms (over-dramatic hand gestures during games, classic one liners, music obsession discussions (have I said lately how much I love Kris Allen?!), etc, etc) before he enters the MTC next Wednesday. We're watching SNL clips - screaming at LeBron James' godlike basketball skills - hacking up lungs (yeah, I'm looking very glamorous in my sick state...hence no pictures of this foray in the mountains) - watching Mae (it's my "hobby") - and laughing.
"Family, isn't it about time?!" Love it--

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Original Scrapbox

(*Note* Some of this text is being borrowed and adapted from Mags!)

Hello blogging friends. It's been longer than I planned in-between posts, but Ryan is leaving on a mission, I'm trying to wrap up a school year, and as always, there's been plenty of other drama, so there you go. But life has been good, and something has come up that has motivated me to jot down a couple ideas tonight.

Has anyone heard of it? It's awesome. It's like a scrapbookers paradise. I haven't scrapbooked for ages. But I see the amazing things people like my friend Anna are doing with their scrapbooks, and I think I may have to rejoin the scrappers of the world (is that even a word?!).

My friend Anna White is in the running for a scrapbooking desk from this company and YOU can help her win!! Just go to this link and vote for #259. It's fast and easy! Come on-- it will only take 2 seconds!! She's currently in first, but needs every vote she can get to stay in the lead!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How is this happening?

I do not know what is going on - the filter is allowing blogs to open at school?! I know that sounds trivial, but I swear our filter at San Ramon is harder to get through than the Pentagon's. Good thing this is happening today because I have A.D.D. worse than my students. Ironically, it's not because I have some fabulous place that I wish I was. It's just that I have papers to grade that require complete focus, and procrastination seems like the order of the day. Now before you think I'm completely negligent, this is my prep period - the time in which I am supposed to grade 170+ sets of papers, plan hour long lessons, make my copies, deal with student issues, respond to parent/staff emails, straighten my room, etc, etc - impossible amount of tasks, right? And I'm sitting her rambling. Story of my procrastinating life. Have I mentioned lately though that I love my job? So I better get back to work - the kids will be here soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

America's Favorite Pastime

I love baseball - not just kinda love it, but really love it - love it so much that catching a few innings of high school baseball after school actually relaxes me. Today, my parents, Ryan, and I made our way through the rain to watch the Giants take on the Rockies. The Giants lost, but it was still a great afternoon--

Not sure what Ryan's doing, but we're trying to soak up every last minute with him before he leaves for the MTC!

The fabulous parentals in matching hats-

Why show you the line up? Because Nate Shierholtz and Randy Winn are both San Ramon grads - WE R SR!

The fabulous Mr. Shierholtz made a catch against the right wall that will air on Sports Center or Baseball Tonight-- it was every outfielder's dream play. Love him!