Friday, June 19, 2009

Miracle of Miracles

Miracle of miracles - Roger Federer won on clay at the French Open. It was a fantastic set of matches for Federer - such good tennis, and he wears that Rolex so well. Now he's on to Wimbledon where he favored to win. Some day, I'll be at Center Court to watch him play.

Miracle of miracles, the J² Walkathon finally happened! The J² Walkathon was one of those random ideas Jenessa and I had ages ago. Why not walk from Ygnacio in Walnut Creek to Dublin Bart on the Iron Horse.

Jenessa designed signs for us and anyone who joined us for part of our trek. 17.5 miles on the trail - biking that long isn't bad at all. Walking takes a bit more out of you, but we had a great time.

"J-Walk or Die" was our mantra - we did actually "jaywalk" twice just because it seemed necessary to complete our process. [Check out Jenessa's facebook note for a few other highlights and a more complete set of pictures.]

Miracle of miracles, Rachel, Allyson, Jenessa, and I are still best friends after all these years. Pretty amazing too that we had so much fun at a baseball game where the opposing teams scored seven runs in one inning. Oh well, as George Will once said, " "Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is just a hole in Arizona." I could not agree more.

Miracle of miracles, I packed up my classroom and made it through the end of the year. Last week was a dozen emotions packed into a few days - overall, one of the best weeks for how often kids told me they had loved class and for how often I got to tell people I loved them.

Miracle of miracles, we survived another graduation. More than than, Cameron graduated! And for that day, Mae graduated too. I love her perplexed little face.

And craziness -we're still smiling at the end of graduation. Gotta love SRV and what it's done for the family. Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

End of School Equation

12 hour work days x multiple days = exhaustion, no details, and stories to follow - not too many stories though because I'm pretty much buried under boxes and school files. That's my life - lots of hugs and good-byes added into that too. Bizarre, twilight feeling kind of week...some day soon I'll return from exhaustion...probably sometime next week after the chaos has dissipated.