Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All roads lead to...

I know, I know - all roads are supposed to lead to Rome, but in my world, all roads lead to Target. I love that place. A LOT. You know what (or who) I love more than Target (I know, this is serious). Hillary. Guess who was on her way to Target when I was on my way to Target yesterday? You're brilliant - Hillary was on her way to Target, my Target - the one not closest to her house - when I called her yesterday. Call it what you want - serendipitous fate, divine intervention, or bff-esp - either way, it was wonderful.

In high school, Hillary and I used to go to Target after going to Yogurt Park. We would smell air fresheners, look at music, and laugh until we cried. Yesterday, we looked at costumes, socks, and luna bars. Sounds a little more grown-up except when you throw in that Hill was carrying around a giant hot dog costume, and I was getting things for a day of high school. Not much changes. I love that about Hill-- doesn't matter where or when or how much time it's been-- I can count on every day simply being better just because she's there.

While we were there, Hill and I passed Stephanie Nielson of the NieNie Dialogues - a person Hill has longed to meet, and I have only just started reading about. It was awe-inspiring to listen to Hill and Stephanie talk and to read more of Stephanie's writing during class today. Stephanie's strength, honesty, humor, and grace are incredible. The great thing is, I would say the same about Hill. Love her. Love Target. Love you!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fabulous and Not-So Fabulous

I have been keeping a running list for the past three months about random things that are fabulous and random things that are not-so-fabulous. It’s not a complete list by any means, but I am trying to clear my desktop of my stickie notes (fabulous mac application btw). You’ll be able to tell that some of these things are past dated. So here’s the list starting with the negative so that we end on the positive—

Not-So-Fabulous – “I don’t like…I strongly dislike…”

*Getting an NEA magazine in the mail (this is a teaching magazine…)
*Spam lists (how do we get on those lists?!)
*Chigger bites (got those from Georgia – you don’t want to know)
*That Brian and Angela didn't get together in My So-Called Life (haven’t watched this in ages, but I still find myself thinking about the infamous Angela Chase)
*Restless sleep
*That people’s perspective can be so limited especially high school boys
*Random costs of going back to school (starting up again here in Provo has been ridiculous…at least I got to buy my own school supplies this year)
*Not having a classroom (I definitely miss it every day…)
*That Rove and Jane break up (Joan of Arcadia – watch it)
*Riding your bike in the wake of a train (cycling is great – it’s just not as great when you’re breathing in fumes and being covered in dust)
*The last of my lemon grass sage (eight years ago, Hillary and I moved into the dorms together – she introduced me to B &BW lemon grass sage lotion – it instantly became my favorite. They discontinued it years ago, but I had a stash – it’s officially gone and I miss it.)
*Boys that you wanted to ask you out that hesitated and the window passed
*Not knowing why (I know we often don’t get our questions answered when we want them, but I want to know “why” on a few recent major things…someday hopefully)
*Summer viruses (I’m on week three of my second summer virus in a couple months – at least I don’t have swine flu, right?!)
*Dealing with team drama (we’re on teams of five in the MPA program – we do everything together, and when the group isn’t doing well – so much extra stress)
*Being tired (someday I’m going to catch up…in my dreams, I know, I know)
*Mac differences (I love having a mac, but using something different is so annoying for formatting things for school)

So Fabulous – “I like…I love…I really, really love….”

*Lemon Propel (so random, but so good)
*Instant link to most visited web pages (this added feature is brilliant – you could guess mine without thinking too hard)
*Y lit for homecoming (one of my favorite things about Provo living)
*Netflix instant play (“30 Rock” got me through packing up my stuff in California)
*Sundance (one of the best parts of moving back to Utah – I go there at least once a week)
*Washington D.C.!! (I just went for school – what an amazing experience— more pictures soon!)

*How soft flower petals are
*Mae’s first birthday (Jewels posted pictures of that fabulous day – Mae and Jewels and Brett are the best part of being in Provo – they’re just fifteen minutes down the road!)
*That students keep in contact (makes it a little less hard to not be teaching)
*Seeing old friends (so fun to have good friends just down the road – speaking of which, when are we getting together again?! Or a couple of you, when are we getting together for the first time?!)
*Organizational behavior (my favorite class by far – it’s all about deconstructing why people are the way they are and how that affects our interactions with them)
*Gilly (if you don’t know who she is, google her and start watching SNL clips – she’s my favorite)
*Pbj's (you know you’re in college if you start to love these again)
*That I found out Sept 19 is Hermione's birthday (don’t judge me – you read “Twilight” and love it just as much as I love Harry Potter)
*BYU (still can’t believe I go here!)
*Giants! (okay –this one is definitely old, but they were fantastic in July and August)
*Optimism in the face of huge obstacles
*That Rove and Jane do get together (yes, I mentioned in the not-so-fab –one of these came a long time ago and one was from watching the show all the way through)
*Real Simple Magazine (someday my life will be real simple – a girl can dream!)
*Calamine lotion (this stuff was a saving grace when I had those less-than-great chigger bites)
* (yours truly is listed there…and let’s just say, the ratings are very positive)
*Jewel singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” (this is one of my favorite songs and Jewel just released it on a baby lullaby cd – it’s beautiful)
*Mac's spellcheck feature (it shows me misspelled words no matter what program I’m in so I don't look like a moron – thank you apple people)
*Pandora (free way to taste test great music)
*Shelly’s emails (candor, humor, and reality – I don’t know how she does it.)
*Sean Astin as Rudy (football movies in the fall make me so happy)
*Stickie notes on Macs (my computer’s desktop is covered them—so much love!)
*My old TI-83 (yes, the one with the Hawaiian flowers and the 925-672-1630 number on it – I’m using it for grad school. Last time I used that calculator and that phone number, I was on the phone with Mel and Rachel for hours and hours each week.)
*Katies (I have a Katie here in Utah. It’s not the same as having my Katies in California, but it helps.)
*Katie Fin’s notes (Fin mails me meeting notes from SRV meetings – could not love them more)
*Biggest Loser (such a great show – plus Bob Harper is nice to….)
*Phone conversations with Ness (they are not nearly enough to compensate for being away from her, but they are so fun and make me feel instantly better about the world)
*That Hill just announced baby no. 3!!
*Lindsay Aline’s new album (have you listened to it?! So good!!)
*Picture texts from Ryan (nun’s with cheese graters – I know, hilarious!)
*Friends to laugh with at school (thank goodness for Kirsten, Katie, Corey, Nicole, and Karleen)

I told you the list is completely random – nor is it complete, but it’s a glimpse into my odd world. Life is indeed one crazy adventure~