Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All roads lead to...

I know, I know - all roads are supposed to lead to Rome, but in my world, all roads lead to Target. I love that place. A LOT. You know what (or who) I love more than Target (I know, this is serious). Hillary. Guess who was on her way to Target when I was on my way to Target yesterday? You're brilliant - Hillary was on her way to Target, my Target - the one not closest to her house - when I called her yesterday. Call it what you want - serendipitous fate, divine intervention, or bff-esp - either way, it was wonderful.

In high school, Hillary and I used to go to Target after going to Yogurt Park. We would smell air fresheners, look at music, and laugh until we cried. Yesterday, we looked at costumes, socks, and luna bars. Sounds a little more grown-up except when you throw in that Hill was carrying around a giant hot dog costume, and I was getting things for a day of high school. Not much changes. I love that about Hill-- doesn't matter where or when or how much time it's been-- I can count on every day simply being better just because she's there.

While we were there, Hill and I passed Stephanie Nielson of the NieNie Dialogues - a person Hill has longed to meet, and I have only just started reading about. It was awe-inspiring to listen to Hill and Stephanie talk and to read more of Stephanie's writing during class today. Stephanie's strength, honesty, humor, and grace are incredible. The great thing is, I would say the same about Hill. Love her. Love Target. Love you!

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collette crew said...

I am the luckiest girl to have you. I love you Jaclyn. you make life so sweet... sweeter than target- that's for sure. how did I ever deserve you? thank you for this sweet post. I love you.