Thursday, April 29, 2010

Past Randomness

Once upon a time, I started a list of things to blog about. Sometimes I got to the list. Other times, a random thought won out, and the list was ignored. Now a few months later, things on the list are obsolete or don’t have as much impact as they did in January or March. However, to clear the endless set of stickie notes on my desktop, here is the list with a little exposition….

…California dreaming…In January, I took a trip to Southern California to visit USC. This was pre-Clippers and only one week into winter semester. I just wanted to see if I had made a mistake not finishing the film school application. I went in to the newly built $150 million dollar Cinematic Arts building and met with the academic advisors. I walked campus with Maria, and knew, very simply, that USC wasn’t for me….

…Taking back Wednesday…I felt like I was in more control of my life the first six weeks of the semester. I was AHEAD in my schoolwork. I was going to the gym a few times a week. I was hanging out with Jewels, Ryan, and my friends. Little did I know that my professors’ classes (especially infamous statistics) were back loaded – the majority of the pain came in the last month. It was NOT a pleasant way to wrap up my first year….

...Michael J. Fox did a PSA with an NBA player (cannot find the link/player name to save my life right now). I love the work that Fox does, and the brave example that he and other individuals with Parkinson’s offer to those struggling with their own respective issues. He just came out with a new book. I can’t wait to read it….

…Harry Potter 7 aka Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows….Call me a geek or an overgrown child – I really don’t care. I cannot wait for the first installation of the seventh movie. It comes out seven months (give or take a few days from today) – not that I’m counting….

…Wild Hearts….I watched the story of the infamous Sonora Webster a few months ago in “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” – I used to love that movie. Funny how certain stories – especially those created by Disney or about kids that have to make it on their own are the ones that we love most. If it’s been awhile, put it on your Netflix queue – you won’t be disappointed….

…Iditarod….I know the classic husky race has come and gone, but someday I really want to see that race in motion. I can’t believe people voluntarily trek across snow and ice for days on end. The romanticism of that world is courtesy of Mrs. Kelly Kahl, my sixth grade English teacher, and Jack London – Alaska, anyone?....

…Poetry Night….For one of our Thursday movie/show & tell nights, Nicole hosted a Poetry Night. Every guest had free reign of genre and style, and every person brought something totally different. Marissa, for example, shared a “deaf poem” – done completely through signing. Nicole read “The Cremation of Sam Mcgee” while Matt read Emily Dickinson. I shared two Taylor Mali poems – known for his slam style, these poems were perfect for me – one was called “What Teachers Make” – don’t worry, I edited it for my audience. Read his material – it’s fantastic. To wrap our cultural experience, we watched, “Step Up”(don’t judge – you know you love it too) – great way to end a great night….

…March Madness….It came. It went. My bracket was totally busted. Still totally LOVED it….

…Pen Pals….I love writing letters. I love getting letters. “This American Life,” a radio show based out of Chicago (sign up in iTunes for the free podcast) recently did a podcast on Pen Pals and a couple strange tales of letter writing. Reminded me that I could have been born in the wrong era – email just isn’t the same….

…Baseball is back.…Smell that? It’s the perfect scent of freshly cut grass. Hear that? That’s the crack of a fastball connecting with a Louisville slugger. Hmmm – heaven on earth folks – spring is here and baseball is back. Even better – the Giants are actually decent this year. Will they lead the league? Probably not, BUT you never know….

…Mysterious NY River Rescuer….We know now the identity of the man who selflessly jumped in after a two-year-old fell into the chilly waters of the Hudson, but initially knew who he was. He threw himself after the little girl and helped her father save the girl’s life. Then without fanfare or dramatics, he got in a cab and drove always. I love selfless acts of service with no thought of reward….

Alright kids - that's the list. More current details will be forthcoming. For now, I'm just dreaming of effective allergy medication and a chiropractor's magic touch. Ciao bella!

Words To Live By

In our last class of Nonprofit Structure & Finance, Aaron Miller gave his final thoughts on giving. He shared a lesson that he learned years ago as a young, impressionable law student. His professor said, “You share what you love.” That lesson changed Aaron’s life, and so he shared it with us as his final “thesis” for the class that was created to help us manage those organizations whose general mission is to do go, to make the world a better place.

It makes sense – we do share what we love. We write about, we talk about it, we share it in any way we can. If you fall in love with a new restaurant, you take your friends to it. If my mom falls in love with a new book or Bath & Body Works scent, everyone she knows gets it for Christmas. If you believe strongly in something or someone, you talk about it with everyone we can. And if we’re not sharing what we love, what are we holding back for?

I have a new goal – to share more freely the things that matter, the things that I truly love.

“You share what you love.” Aaron Miller

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wonder of wonders - I made it to LA. I love the ocean air, having Maria ten minutes away, and the people I work with. So far the job is great. I still can't get over the fact that I work at the Staples Center. I do not love that I am in a rental car for an interdeterminate amount of time due to a car accident (more details to follow - and yes, another accident). I also do not love that I don't have the internet at home - something I will work around because I have been taking random pictures every day to show what my life is like here in gorgeous (but ironically cold) Southern California. So, moral of the post - I am alive, but not available just yet. See you (hopefully) soon!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Signs of the Times

Endless to do lists appearing on every available surface...cases of bubbly sanity on hand with all ice trays filled and ready to go...Meredith Brook's opening line to her most infamous song running through my head half a dozen times a day...partially finished sentences cropping up in conversation and in papers...easily activated tear ducts...THE END OF THE SEMESTER MUST BE CLOSE!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thoroughly Impressed

There are not a lot of people that I look to in the entertainment industry as good role models for how to lead a successful life. Neal McDonough, however, is an exception. McDonough was fired yesterday for refusing to film love scenes for a new ABC show. He said that type of behavior wasn't congruent with his faith and his reputation as a family man. I'm not surprised by the ABC producers' behavior, but I am surprised and thoroughly impressed by McDonough. I love people who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

I know McDonough best from Forever Strong. He played an overly competitive coach who had lost his way in a story that's primarily about Highland High School's rugby team. Sports, drama, and Rudy - how could the movie not be great?

Moral of the post: The world needs more honorable people who are willing to stand for something good. Glad you're one of them. Love you!