Thursday, April 29, 2010

Words To Live By

In our last class of Nonprofit Structure & Finance, Aaron Miller gave his final thoughts on giving. He shared a lesson that he learned years ago as a young, impressionable law student. His professor said, “You share what you love.” That lesson changed Aaron’s life, and so he shared it with us as his final “thesis” for the class that was created to help us manage those organizations whose general mission is to do go, to make the world a better place.

It makes sense – we do share what we love. We write about, we talk about it, we share it in any way we can. If you fall in love with a new restaurant, you take your friends to it. If my mom falls in love with a new book or Bath & Body Works scent, everyone she knows gets it for Christmas. If you believe strongly in something or someone, you talk about it with everyone we can. And if we’re not sharing what we love, what are we holding back for?

I have a new goal – to share more freely the things that matter, the things that I truly love.

“You share what you love.” Aaron Miller


Juliann said...

Love it, what a cool thought. Mae is asleep and I am not sure what to do with myself. It is weird when all the sudden school demands are non-existent. I guess now it is time to focus on my online class. Miss ya.

Karla said...

You have just solved my Christmas giving dilemma. Everyone can expect a copy of my latest favorite book.

collette crew said...

how I'm I supposed to hand out copies of you? you are one of a kind. loving you.

AA Little said...

I love this post and so I'm going to share that thought with you. And I agree. And feel that as we share what we love, we endear ourselves to others and vice versa. Eh? You are done with the semester, aren't you? One year down and uno mas to go. Way to go my friend!