Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making a Scene

"If you don't take your hand off my daughter, you won't get a scene, you'll get a Broadway musical." Wish when I talked things came out as brilliantly as that.
Anyway....We're up in Tahoe as a family enjoying the "final" Ryanisms (over-dramatic hand gestures during games, classic one liners, music obsession discussions (have I said lately how much I love Kris Allen?!), etc, etc) before he enters the MTC next Wednesday. We're watching SNL clips - screaming at LeBron James' godlike basketball skills - hacking up lungs (yeah, I'm looking very glamorous in my sick state...hence no pictures of this foray in the mountains) - watching Mae (it's my "hobby") - and laughing.
"Family, isn't it about time?!" Love it--

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Maggie B . said...

Oh wow, that sounds so, so good! Did I tell you I'm going to Tahoe this summer for Nate's family reunion? I can't wait. Enjoy all the fun with Ryan!! And I can't wait to see you. I miss your face. :)