Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How is this happening?

I do not know what is going on - the filter is allowing blogs to open at school?! I know that sounds trivial, but I swear our filter at San Ramon is harder to get through than the Pentagon's. Good thing this is happening today because I have A.D.D. worse than my students. Ironically, it's not because I have some fabulous place that I wish I was. It's just that I have papers to grade that require complete focus, and procrastination seems like the order of the day. Now before you think I'm completely negligent, this is my prep period - the time in which I am supposed to grade 170+ sets of papers, plan hour long lessons, make my copies, deal with student issues, respond to parent/staff emails, straighten my room, etc, etc - impossible amount of tasks, right? And I'm sitting her rambling. Story of my procrastinating life. Have I mentioned lately though that I love my job? So I better get back to work - the kids will be here soon.

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Anna said...

I feel like I haven't talked to you forever. Well I haven't talked to ANYONE in forever really since being in Germany...but that's another story. But I am glad I know that will at least end in a few weeks when you come to Utah for the wedding of a LIFETIME. Love your guts.

P.S. Hope you don't mind if I leave an extra little comment here too... I get lots of points for extra blog comments... I am trying to win this awesome scrapbook desk at The EZ desk Giveaway vote for it if you have a minute!! :)