Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Original Scrapbox

(*Note* Some of this text is being borrowed and adapted from Mags!)

Hello blogging friends. It's been longer than I planned in-between posts, but Ryan is leaving on a mission, I'm trying to wrap up a school year, and as always, there's been plenty of other drama, so there you go. But life has been good, and something has come up that has motivated me to jot down a couple ideas tonight.

Has anyone heard of it? It's awesome. It's like a scrapbookers paradise. I haven't scrapbooked for ages. But I see the amazing things people like my friend Anna are doing with their scrapbooks, and I think I may have to rejoin the scrappers of the world (is that even a word?!).

My friend Anna White is in the running for a scrapbooking desk from this company and YOU can help her win!! Just go to this link http://www.theoriginalscrapbox.com/catalog/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=102 and vote for #259. It's fast and easy! Come on-- it will only take 2 seconds!! She's currently in first, but needs every vote she can get to stay in the lead!!


JacksonFamily said...

It's done! Tell her good luck!

Katie said...

my mom told me about these..they look awesome! I will try to go vote for her. I'm back in town if you want to get together. Is school out yet?

Anna said...

Thanks friends of Jaclyn for voting. Jaclyn you are the BEST and hope that you are having a fantastic time with your family before Ryan leaves. I am going to leave the link here one more time...everytime gets me more points! :)
The EZ desk Giveaway vote for it if you have a minute!! :)