Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recent Times Defined

M.I.A. - the only way to describe me and the blog world recently.

Vortex - what the Starbucks on Las Trampas and facebook chat feels like.

Pink - the color all teachers are supposed to wear tomorrow in support of those whose jobs are affected by the state budget crisis.

Released - what the school district calls my lay-off.

Heath and Kate - my two favorite Oscar winners. I love the anticipation of what Kate will do next and miss what Heath could have been.

Nebulous - what my future looks like.

Saturday - a day I've looked forward to for a long time.

Portland - where Ryan was recently called to serve and where my dad served nearly thirty years ago.

40 degrees - the temperature of my pool when my friends and I decided to jump in last Friday.

Baked Potato Soup - the taste of friendship this past week as Rachel has continued to be an anchor and a constant source of entertaining distraction.

Saddle Rack - a place everyone should go to at least once. Who thought country dancing could look like that?!

Clever Sign-off - something I cannot come up with at this particular moment. Good night!


collette crew said...

I can't help but love you. you amaze me with your good attitude and clever ways. saturday will be so wonderful! I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Bre said...

clever post, I enjoyed it. But you got laid off??? You aren't teaching next year? is that what that means?

Katie said...

You've been layed off??!!! What!! For how long..I can't wait to move back to California and have long chats. I miss you and love you.

Lizzy Lambson said...

Oh, Jaclyn, I came to ask the same question the others are. I hear California is just being hit the hardest with the times. The company I'm working for has been very affected too. All the best and much love!


Kaylinn said...

Ah yes-the infamous "pink slip". I too am anticipating mine this week. What a world! What a state! CRUD. Good luck on your district's plan of action. Hopefully you too can be spared.