Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Many Things to Love

The sound of a work contact who is based in Toronto saying “Sorry” in an message and having the exactly same accent as Gilbert Blythe.

Getting a card from Karleen with a DAR magnet inside. Can’t wait to room with her in the fall.

Watching the latest Mae video that Jewels has sent. She laughs and sings all the time. She is an adorable mini version of her mom.

Adoring Baby Ruby. Hill’s latest wonder has finally arrived, and she is beautiful.

Savoring yogurt with Tracy and Rachel. It may only be for an hour, but every minute with those girls is restorative.

Listening to the waves pound against the sand on Ruby pier in Malibu after the sun has slipped beneath the horizon.

Driving over to Maria’s. Of course, being at her house or out with her is even better, but knowing that we live 2.4 miles away from each other is pretty amazing.

Spending the last two hours of “the block” at home with my dad. I’ve never known him to slip out which made those hours feel like stolen time.

This is just beginning, but moral of the story is that I live a very blessed life. Love you!


Lauren said...

Love the video! Love you!

Janssen said...

I love Gilbert Blythe :)

collette crew said...

thanks for the shout out :) love you

kate said...

my sister and i often imitate gilbert blythe when apologizing to one another. hard to stay irritated when you hear that. soary.

Charlotte May Hutchins said...

"Swing, swing, swing in the sun". So precious!!!