Monday, January 23, 2012

Sympathy Pains for J-2

My fabulous sister Jewels has been having some major pain her right hand. Clearly I wanted to do more than empathize for Jewels, so after school today I proceeded to hang up kids' projects on the wall in one of my classrooms. Sounds harmless, right? 1970s sheetrock is not as forgiving as you might think. Throw in that I'm not nearly as ambidexterous as I pretend to be. And so I pounded the stapler with the same part of my hand at least 460 times (not counting the many bum staples that had to be redone). Needless to say, my hand is bruised. It twinges with each right-handed key stroke.  Can't tell you how excited I am for the 270+ staples I have to put into my other classroom tomorrow.
Cute Juliann, Brett, and an easily distracted Mae on Christmas Eve
And Jewels - I always am telling you I want to be more like you. I just didn't think I wanted to be like you in such a literal way. Hope your hand feel better soon!

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christina clark said...

Jaclyn, I love you and miss you. How did we not get together at Christmas?! I'm coming out again in march, let's get together.