Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Henry

 Oh Baby Henry - I cannot get enough of you. The hours spent with your little body curled against mine have been a taste of divinity. Love you and your wonderful family so much.
 Henry goes from looking perfectly serene to looking as if he is going to cry at any second. This little guy so rarely makes a peep that we can't help but check on him every few minutes.

 Mae and I snuck out for a quick errand to Costco and to pick up lunch for Jewels. Mae picked those flowers before we left Mapleton and clung to the flowers the whole time we were gone. She sang to them and asked over and over if she could keep them. Love our newest big sister.

 Who says babies don't smile?


Jenessa Hutchins said...

OH MY FREAKING GOSH. These are cuter than life. I am so in love. Thanks for sharing Auntie Jaclyn.

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

I love that when I read Nessa's comment I could hear her voice. I have such great sisters. So glad we have you here with us. Ps. I need to steal these pictures from you. You captured many of little Henry's faces.

Laurel said...

He is SO precious! Congrats to your family!

Katie said...

What an adorable little boy! And I love the name! Congratulatios to your sister! Love ya! Need to see you soon, when you're back in California!

a.little said...

oh what a doll. congrats to all and yay for cuddly time with aunties.