Monday, February 18, 2013

Fact or Fiction

I've been known to have a more than a few strange interests and make more than a few strange comments that people don't think are reflective of me. Here's a few of the recent things that are part of my reality.

Fact: I love Stanley Tucci. I rewatched "Easy A" and "Hunger Games" in the last couple months, and he is what makes those movies. He just came out with a cookbook.  Pretty sure that will sneak into an Amazon purchase sometime soon.

Fact: I have developed a fear of conversation that is seemingly uncharacteristic. I've always preferred small groups, but I've never had any problem making conversation with people I didn't know. Lately though, when it comes to socializing with people I don't know in church settings, I seem to lack the ability to make small talk. This just may be a sign that singles' wards slowly kill your zest for life (or something WAY less dramatic).

Fact: I hold onto things for much longer than is socially acceptable. I am an organized packrat. On the surface, everything looks clean and put together. On the inside I have back issues of magazines, letters galore, etc, etc. I'm slowly making an effort to get rid of things that really are completely unnecessary - aka ten years worth of random InStyle magazines. Don't judge. You all loved J-Lo at one point too. 

Fact: Seth and I made so much toffee over the holidays that we came up with an almost perfect recipe. Now I dream about having toffee stored in various drawers in my house and classroom. Unhealthy perhaps, but SO delicious.

Fact: While shopping with Jenessa and Ryan on the day after Christmas, my jeans ripped very loudly right up the back. Goes without saying that it was sorts of airy, and I am exceptionally grateful that Jenessa had a jacket I could tie around my waste, 90s mom style. 

Fact: I haven't enjoyed reading much for the last year. Normally I feel burnt out on reading during the spring when I have student papers everywhere and spring fever, but last year's reading burn out came early and never left. I've snuck in a few books still, but I just haven't been able to pick up book after book like I normally do. I think I'm in need of a good series that sucks me in one after the other to remind me that I am, in fact, a reader. Don't worry too much though - I still buy way too many books, a habit I've been trying to break for years. 

Fact: I love Taylor Swift's Red album. That doesn't seem noteworthy for some people, but for me, this is very, very strange.

Fact: As you know two of my closest friends from high school are named Hillary and Rachel. Two of my favorite people at work are named Hilary and Rachel - if there was just one of the two names, I don't know that I would have noticed, but both of them?! I love it.

Fact: I knew the big dramatic twist of Downton's third season way before it happened. Someone mentioned a fact about one of the actors in passing, and I knew instantly how that would affect the character. Even with all the drama, I still am so in love with that show. 

There you have it - inconsequential, random facts that are not fiction at all. 


Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

Fact: I love this
Fact: I love you
Fact: I thought of you when I dumped all my wedding martha stewarts in January.
Fact: Your toffee is the best of the best and I would be in heaven if I had it every drawer of my house. Literally and figuratively!

Lauren said...

Single's ward has totally killed my zest for life.