Sunday, February 8, 2015

Help Me Raise Money For Books...Please

Hi friends-- I am attempting along with some of my fellow 10th grade English teachers to try and bring in some new books to our classes next year. Unfortunately the school doesn't have the funds to buy those books. I'm trying to raise that money. Our goal is 270 books. This donorschoose project is for 45 of the books. If you're able or your company looks for local projects to donate to, we'd appreciate any potential help.
Even better, this project qualifies for the SPARK match: For the next 7 days, when someone donates to your project and enters the code SPARK, will match their donation dollar for dollar. Fingers crossed we can make it.
Thanks for any and all help!!

[Just click here to check out my donorschoose page :) ]

p.s. In a perfect world, this project will be filled. The next 100 books we're trying to fund are on this donorschoose page

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Jenessa Hutchins said...

I forgot about your blog...until just now. This makes me so happy that I get to read about your life, your love for Groundhog's day, and your book review's of course. Love you forever.