Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nostalgic Wonder

I disappeared mid-December. The reasons for the season were not completed. To do lists were left unfinished. And you know what, the world did not end, and I am the happier and more relaxed for it. Here are a few things that I have fallen in love with or rediscovered in the past couple weeks.

1. Disneyland's Main Street is the closest I'll ever get to living in a musical. I love it. Standing there looking at the 1910 era storefronts or gazing up at Sleeping Beauty's castle makes me feel like I am actually in one of the childhood stories I read or watched over and over again. Being in Disneyland with my family (none of whom are technically even kids anymore) was a Peter Pan experience - truly, part of each of us never grows up.

2. I redid my bookshelves with Tracy's help. Sounds bizarre to more people, but I love holding my books and looking at all the titles on my shelves. Over break, I have read a few - Elder Holland's "Broken Things to Mend" and "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" being the best. Jenessa called me out when we went to Tahoe for three days on having four different books with me. My defense was that one was a play, one was a novel, one was a non-fiction, and one was a young adult fiction. Who knows which type would fit my respective moods? I read pieces of all four and finished two of them while I was cozied up in the cabin.

3. "It's a Wonderful Life" makes every holiday season complete. I finished it today and cried again as the good people of Bedford Falls come to the aide of a dear friend. I love that movie and the hope it inspires. George and Mary Bailey are two of my favorite fictional characters and one of the best silver screen couples.

4. I love my Uggs - I know I railed against them to some of you as a Danville trend, but my feet are warm for the first time in years. I know they are not fashionable, but if I get to keep my toes through another winter, I am a happy woman. And no, I do not wear them on the outside of my jeans.

5. I found my American Girl dolls and an old stuffed puppy named Oliver Gavroche (strange name, I know - I was not a normal child. Gavroche, in case you are completely bewildered, is the name of the little boy in Les Miserables). Talk about blasts from the past holding Samantha and Molly.

6. Better than holding old dolls, I got to hold Mae after Brett and Jewels surprised us at the cabin. Every time we see her, Mae has more personality - more spunk or more beauty. Her thighs are a force to be reckoned with. She has eyelashes that Covergirl models dream about. Can't wait to see her again.
(This is Mae on i-chat on Christmas Day. She was watching a talking Hallmark ornament very intently--she loves her Linus!)

7. This break I got to see perfect sunshine, fog wrapping around every inch of the neighborhood, thrashing wind and rain, and snow. Love it all--

8. Last, but certainly least - I have gotten to spend a lot of time with friends and family. Life is wonderful, as Frank Capra's fabulous movie tells us.
(This is our picture from "Tower of Terror" - I look like I am smiling on a park bench, but the real star of the picture is my mom on the back row. She wins for best photo--)

2008 was a great year. Somehow, I think 2009 will be even better. I just feel it-- Hope you feel the same. Happy New Year!


Anna said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous couple of weeks. You deserve it :)

Megan said...

Thanks for not wearing your Uggs on the outside of your dreams, and for naming your puppy after Gavroche. Totally got that. I'm number 6 waiting for "Potato Peels" and am getting anxious. I'm glad you had a fun holiday! Mae is beautiful!!

Lizzy Lambson said...

Oh, it IS a wonderful life, isn't it? I can't wait to watch that movie this weekend. Happy New Year to you! I had a sleepover with Mags a week or two ago and I wish you could have been there.

Gwen said...

Haha. I recently bought a pair of Uggs too. Now I know why those things haven't gone out of style! They are so comfortable. And no, I do not wear them on the outside of my jeans either.
Welcome back to blogging!

Richard and Carlie said...

I just finished reading the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society...It was fantastic! Looks like you guys had a fun time! We were hoping to see Brett and Jewels while we were in Utah, but we weren't able to...they ditched us for Tahoe! :) I guess they're just going to have to come out to Kentucky and visit us! And I am very jealous of the Uggs...they are on my wish list.