Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I turned 27 this month, and for the first time in a couple years, I actually think this is going to be a great year. When I turned 25, I felt like I had come of age – that I could finally do what I wanted to do. I had nothing to prove because I was a certified adult. Tracy and I even adopted that mantra that occasionally included, “Shut up. I’m 25.” It’s taken me two years though or more accurately my whole life to feel like my own person – to feel like I might just be able to do all those things that I dream about. This summer, I finally asked myself, “what am I waiting for?” And the resounding answer is nothing. I am not waiting for anything. This doesn’t mean that I am maxing out credit cards to get on a plane and move to London. But it does mean that I am not going to be content with just existing. I am going to live and live louder – I won't be content to just to blend in, but rather I am going to make things happen. Not sure how that adopted mentality fits into the chaos of grad school, but somehow I’ll make it work….


Karla said...

Well... you've got a great big "AMEN" from me. Good for you. You have so much to give the world, I'm glad to hear you've decided to live louder. One of my favorite sayings is, "'Well-mannered' doesn't mean 'muzzled.'

Jenessa Alyse said...

You are my favorite. love your new view point on life. and of course i LOVE you. muah.

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

Love it! I better see some LOUD living. Can't wait to hang out with you this afternoon. How nice that we live within a short drive. Love ya