Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post-Dated Surreal Existence

I kept a running list while I was living in LA of the things that seemed completely surreal. A few of them are self-explanatory and a few are stories that I will have to tell you when my "to do" list has less than twenty-one items and my "to do soon" and "to do eventually" list are one and the same. And now, for the list--

*"I met Reese" (My friend didn't say "I met Reese Witherspoon" but on referred to her on a first name basis. Why? Because my friend was nannying for Reese's body double.)
*Two masculine men at church having great fashion and studying at FIDM
*Temple in the midst of the city
*Living in the place that people dream about
*Seeing all those things that I've read about
*Not minding the commute
*Having something to say when someone asks "what have you been up to"
*Actually getting excited for Utah (I know - who would have thought? A summer without Jewels and without my Sundance drives does that to me)
*"We're going to have to run orientation for the players..."
*Listening to Rihanna warming up
*Literally almost running into P. Diddy
*Sean McKissick in the Bishopric
*Meeting players
*Hanging out in the owner's office
*Matt Morrison - Chris O'Donnell - LL Cool J (none of that delectable hotness would have happened without Maria's birthday gift of a Paramount Studios tour - love her and miss living so close!)
*Staying at the JW Marriott at LA Live (the twelve-year-old version of myself couldn't believe Rachel and I were doing that)
*Being alone but feeling content
*Maria down the street
*Beautiful shirtless surfer on morning commute in a Jeep with surfboards
*Ryan Seacrest on the radio (when your morning DJ is Ryan Seacrest, the most interesting interviews take place)
*Standing in the shadow of the Hollywood sign or standing where Dr. Quinn (yes, she might as well have been real) and Sully stood
*Driving the PCH
*Reading on the beach
*(this was my gmail status one day in May)" Just stood in the Clipper locker room and saw the Idol holding room for tonight's show....surreal existence....lots of people are lining up for the American Idol finale outside.... movie screening at USC tonight!  Is this really my life?" 

(That list hardly does justice to my summer, but it's a start. Happy Fall!!)


Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

So cool! Um, I didn't know about the Reese double. I seriously loved living in So Cal too. Glad we only a short driving distance away. Love ya.

AA Little said...

Shut up! You stood where Sully stood?? Ah. Lucky.

forget laundry said...

ha I didn't know about mr.mckissik. very entertaining. what a fabulous summer. hope we can connect this week :) I sure love you!