Friday, February 4, 2011

What would I do without....

In a week that has been frenetic to say the least, what would I do without…

Karleen: I am so lucky to have this girl as my roommate, teammate, and friend. My week did not start off very well, and she took such good care of me. She made me dinner on Monday, brought me breakfast in bed on Tuesday, and kept me company when I didn’t want to work anymore (this happens pretty much everyday). So glad we were matched up last year on Team Fridge. (The picture is of our friend Teresa and Karleen by the infamous Lakeshore llama on our recent trip to Tahoe.)

Toe Warmers: Why did I wait until January to buy some of these? They are amazing for a girl whose feet are always cold. Six hours of warmed bliss. You seriously should try them.

Voice Lessons: A few months ago I started taking voice lessons. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and so on Tuesday afternoons you’ll find me belting my little heart out with Jenny Jenson. My time practicing and my lesson each Tuesday are truly the highlight of my week.

Colin Firth: Have I said lately how much I love his acting? I loved the “The King’s Speech” (please don’t judge if you hear about this movie every couple of blog posts – I really, really loved it.). It’s everything I want in a movie with a superb story, great art direction, quality score, and of course, exceptional actors. Since I first saw the movie a month ago, I have been working my way through Firth’s movies again. So good!

Movie Award Shows: On a similar note, I love that this is awards season. I know most people don’t care, but I make it a point to watch all the awards shows and then read about them in L.A. Times “The Envelope” section. The Oscars are on February 27th just in case you wanted to know. Also, I couldn't live without Jewels who kindly sits and watches the awards shows with me while Mae entertains us during the boring speeches.

Real Letters & Emails: I got letters and emails exactly when I needed to get them this week – real ones, with thoughtful messages and shared ideas. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era for how excited I get about going to my mailbox.

Curly Girl Design: My latest decorating obsession has to do with Curly Girl Design. I just love her artwork and her sayings. I stood in a boutique yesterday for almost an hour just pouring over her cards, her matchbooks, and her canvases. There is one that I want for my kitchen, but I haven’t decided if I can justify the price. If I keep thinking about it as much as I have since I first saw it in December, I may just have to do it. ps. Don’t be surprised if the next card you get from me is one of hers. They are too wonderful for words.(This pictures was my first introduction to Leigh's work - Tracy gave me a notebook with this image on the cover.)

You: Yes, you. Thanks for being my friend and for caring enough to read my silly thoughts. Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful day!!


Anna said...

I didn't know you were taking voice lessons! That's so great! And I always love reading your random thoughts. They make me so happy. :)

forget laundry said...

what would I do without... you. can't imagine!