Sunday, April 10, 2011

Need Some Help To Send Cameron Off

Good morning everyone- If you haven't heard already, Cameron has been called to serve in the Arizona Phoenix Mission, English speaking! He reports to the MTC on May 25th. His "farewell" will be on Mother's Day (May 8th), and we are trying to track down the sheet music for Dustin Gledhill's "One Voice" to sing that Sunday. It was part of the 2004 EFY "Stand in the Light" songbook. That songbook is currently out of print, and there are none available through things like Ebay or the Amazon Marketplace. Now comes the favor for all you past EFY attenders or counselors- if you have a minute, please check all that piano music you have lying around your house to see if you have it. The Hutchins singers will be eternally grateful if you can track it down, copy it, and mail it to us. Thank you for your help and congratulations Mr. C!! (Master Cameron is one of Mae's favorite playmates when she comes to California as evidenced by all the random pictures we have from her visit in January - Love them both!)

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Megan said...

I have a copy. I can scan and email it or copy and mail it. Which would you like? And PS, it's not because I've actually ever attended EFY. Thanks, Boy Band spouse. :)