Monday, June 6, 2011

The Crucible

The CrucibleThe Crucible by Arthur Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You can tell it's love when you pick up a book or play just because you have missed the characters. I have missed the Proctors and Arthur Miller's snarky commentary on society, and so last Sunday night, I curled up and poured through the Salem witch trials yet again. I won't bore you with my recitations of my favorite lines or scenes - just know that if you haven't read it, you are missing out. (June 2011)

I love this play with everything that's in me. I recently wrapped up "The Crucible with my juniors - it's my third year teaching it, and by far, my best experience with my students (they gasped at Elizabeth's lie in the courtroom! fantastic teacher moment!). I am in so awe of John and Elizabeth Proctor - their conversation in Act IV breaks my heart. "I counted myself so plain, poorly made that no love...[etc, etc]." It is a play that transcends its pages and the stage and teaches lessons so applicable to life. If you haven't read it recently, read it - one of my all time favorite works of fiction. (Fall 2008)


Karla said...

Love, love, love The Crucible!!! It was the first high school drama production I was cast in as a sophomore. Loved the story line then; love it even now.

Lydia said...

Oh my goodness I love this play so much! Now I have to go back and read it again :)

Thanks for stopping by the other day!