Monday, June 6, 2011

May Obsessions

My May obsessions are a bit all over the place and involve too much TV watching, but I'm not working at the somehow I've decided it's okay.

So in love with Mad Men and missing it already after having caught up on Netflix. Why Matt Weiner had to delay season five until 2012, I just don't know. ps. I am most in love with Christina Hendricks (the red head who plays Joan Harris) and her style. I really wish sometimes that I were a ginger.
With Mad Men finished, I turned to The Good Wife for distraction. It's strangely remniscent of watching Nurse Carol Hathaway (from ER) all grown up and fighting crime and political corruption (some of which is in her own house). I can't say it's love yet, but I'm not finished with the first season yet, so we'll see. ps. Knox Overstreet from Dead Poets Society is her boss. When did the boys from that movie become middle aged?!

Emerald Nuts' Breakfast On-the-Go is delicious - The Smore version is Jenessa and my favorite. We have purchased multiple boxes to take on our European adventure (you never know when you'll be hungry - yes, French food is better, but if you're in the middle of a train ride or at a museum...)
Glee. I shouldn't even have to expound, but between the concert, the new iTunes tracks, and the finale, I am a very happy woman.

ps. Did I mention how much I adore Blaine, Kurt, and Rachel? Their voices in person are jaw-droppingly good. Mercedes really is too.

Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen's new movie) is a love letter to Paris and the ex-pats who made Paris their home in the 1920s. I loved the shoutouts to the great writers, artists, and musicians that made us all long for the City of Lights. I hope I too walk into a dream where I get to hang out with the Fitzgeralds and listen to Cole Porter play.... ps. I feel like I should add the disclaimer that I'm not a huge Owen Wilson fan, and yet I adored this movie. How could you not with Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Kathy Bates, Adrian Brody, etc.?

Tracy recently supplied me with a whole new array of chapstick flavors including the perfectly delectable watermelon. So, so good.
Last, but not least, Ted Kennedy Watson of my beloved Kennedy Watson store fame in Seattle started blogging daily. Between that and Pinterest, I now have way too many pictures and plans saved for a house that I don't have yet. It is definitely fun to dream though.
Happy June!!

ps. I hope you know that I, of course, though of writing Mae Obsession for my title, but I didn't see her during the month of May. I am counting the days until I get to see her, Jewels, and Brett. Cannot wait!


Lauren said...

Love the title. Intrigued by the Emerald Nut Trail Mix. Adore the Mae pictures.

Melissa said...

I need to see Midnight in Paris. It sounds so fun! What a great post.

Melissa said...

OK, I just watched the trailer. I NEED to see that movie. The trailer alone made me tear up a little. I MISS that wonderful place!!! Now if I can find a place nearby showing it...

Melissa said...

Greg and I finally got to se Midnight in Paris this past weekend, and we both LOVED it! Thanks for the great recommendation. The best part for me was seeing Paris again. That was so much fun!