Friday, September 30, 2011

Alarmingly Late

6:36am - Look at clock from every possible angle without glasses trying to ascertain the time.
6:38am - Shower, brush teeth, dwell on the general panic of the moment
6:48am - Start insane application of makeup without contacts
6:55am - Blow dry hair into a wild mangy mess
7:00am - Get dressed while listening to Chandra Wilson belt out "Wait" (an attempt to calm the jitters)
7:05am - Pin up the mangy mess acknowledging this is as good as it is going to get
7:11am - Pull out of driveway blaring LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem"
7:32am - Turn off car while chewing the last of my Breakfast-On-the-Go

That was my morning. Pure insanity. And yet marvelously, I made it to school. I may be a bit out of it today, but I made it. Thankfully my day was planned, and the kids are working independently most of the day. TGIF!


Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

Oh man, that is something I don't have anymore. No early classes=no stressful wake-ups. I am not looking forward to the 15+ years of getting kids up and ready for school. That will be an adjustment. Love you girlie and happy to see you posted on your blog.

Bre said...

Ha! I love checking in on your life. I've had mornings like this, they're not cool at all.

Rachel said...

I know that feeling--the one where you wake up and immediately panic when you realize you've overslept and only have a fraction of the time it normally takes to get ready in the morning. Good job pulling it off! I'm sure you still looked fabulous and were well composed by the time the kids arrived. :)

What's your schedule like so that I know when I can call you with the time difference?

Love ya!

Karen said...

HEY! I was reading backwards and just realized that you are teaching BACK IN CA! Happy Day! and even in my district this time. Come up the hill if you are ever in need of anything and it's too far to go home!

Trace said...

Well I love to see that things never change, high school, college....and now real life...if we can even call it real :)

Love you!