Monday, February 20, 2012

Bits & Pieces, Les Mis Style

I love going through my leftover bits and pieces whether it be the bits and pieces of fabric or scrapbook paper or magazine dreams of what might be. The following is a few bits and pieces of what’s been on my radar lately – most of it is trivial and unnecessary, but it’s the bits and pieces that make things worthwhile, interesting, or somewhere in between.
*In the last few concerts of his last tour, David Archuleta sang a few “less conventional” songs including the primary song “I’m trying to be like Jesus” – it’s perfectly beautiful. I’m still holding out for the day that David either makes a church cd or sings the role of Les Miserables’ Marius. His voice is perfect for both.
*On a different musical note, Ricky Martin was recently on Glee. I used to love dancing around to his cd and singing at the top of my lungs in my car. Ironically Ricky Martin played the role of Marius in Les Mis. I don’t think that was a good idea.
*I heard in a recent NPR news story that there are only 1900 independent bookstores in the country – that’s half of what existed ten years ago. I know that I spend most of my book money on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble, but I can’t imagine not having those quiet little bookstores to go to.  For the record, both independent book stores, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble carry Les Miserables.
*I recently found myself home early on a Saturday night. No one was home, so I had a fire going and blared the 10th Anniversary performance of Les Miserables. It was amazing.
*Les Mis is coming out in a movie musical format. I can’t say I’m not excited, but I’m also a bit nervous about some of the casting. Hugh Jackman will play Val Jean. Russell Crowe will play Javier (have you ever heard him sing???). Anne Hathaway will play Fantine. Fingers crossed that it’s wonderful.
*I know you’ve heard enough about it, but I still can’t believe Whitney Houston died. She is part of my childhood soundtrack. Her ballads were some of the first I learned. Her “Queen of the Night” was my first rebellion song (not that I would have called it that as a kid). I got ready time and time again with Hillary when we were in the dorms while singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. There’s not a party or date that I don’t get ready listening to that song still. For the record, Whitney Houston was never associated with a Les Mis production.
*The other day I checked my bank account online four times in a couple of hours as if the numbers would have changed. I hope there’s money enough in there to justify purchasing Les Mis tickets for when the show comes to San Francisco this summer.
*Rick Santorum called public schools factories on Saturday. I strongly dislike him (to put it mildly). He would be a corrupt government official if I were to cast him in Les Mis.
*I filed my taxes already.  I truly am an accountant’s daughter. My dad, just in case you were wondering, took me on a daddy-daughter date to see Les Mis when I was seven. It changed my life.
Ps. I originally had no intention of making Les Mis a focal point of this bits and pieces blog, but once I saw the connection between David and Ricky, I could not help myself.  Plus I thought I should talk about a different obsession than Downton Abbey for a brief minute so that you wouldn’t think that’s all I talk about.

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Karla said...

True confessions: I loathe Rick Santorum as a candidate... for that and other positions/statements he's taken/made. (Strong words, I know... but true nonetheless.)