Monday, February 20, 2012

Rambling from 32,000 feet

There are all sorts of fliers – the sleepers, the readers, the serene-chatting parents, the frazzled-“ripping through a baby bag” parents, the gabbers, the “two beers and a Monster” imbibers – and then there’s me sitting here at 32,000 feet hoping that I get to put my feet on solid ground again. I logically know that I will be just fine, but there’s something about seeing the mountains appear small that sets me on edge.  No doubt it’s the lack of control tinged with too many viewings of the planes hitting the Twin Towers….I have to admit though that I do love watching the sun set from the air – being above the cloud layer, seeing the water sparkle in the sunshine, and knowing that I am winging my way towards exciting adventures and people I love.

ps. More about my most recent adventure soon. And of course, double heart the rest of J³ and the boys.

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