Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Butterfly Project

At 28, it is rare to find anything written on my hands or arms, but today I have a butterfly inked onto my right wrist in honor of the Butterfly Project. This project is dedicated to helping cutters find another way to deal with their anxiety and depression and a way for people to show their support of kids dealing with this issue. The idea is that when you feel compelled to cut that instead you are supposed to draw a butterfly on your wrist. As long as its there (you're not supposed to wash it off), it is a reminder of the people who love you, support you, etc, etc.  The butterfly is also supposed to be a sign of support and willingness to help if ever someone needs anything.

I know the girl that told me about this project yesterday is not a cutter. She is happy, well adjusted, and driven, but I know she knows people who are cutters. And maybe after our conversation and me letting her draw a misshapen butterfly on my wrist, she'll come to me if ever she finds out about another student hurting him/herself....

Around the same time that I was having this conversation, a student at Ygnacio Valley attempted suicide during their 6th period class. Classmates quickly came to the aid of this student and saved their life. My assumption, because the details have not been released, is that the student cut themselves. It's devastating and alarming to think of anyone being so lost and so depressed - especially someone so young.  I know that the superstition surrounding a sharpied butterfly can't change the deeply rooted issues that drive someone towards cutting and suicide, but if it helps one kid ask for help, it's more than worth it.

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