Thursday, July 26, 2012

ENGLAND!! - Day One & Two

When you pass people in England, the English say "hello" while the Americans say "hi". So in the spirit of all things England - HELLO and welcome to the over-documenting of our fabulous trip that my mom, dad, Jenessa, and I took at the end of June. Here we go....
 We relatively awake for how early we took off from SFO. Notice that we wil be in the same clothes during day two in England. We landed and immediately began being tourists. Can't sleep when you have the chance to explore the English countryside.
 Mild obsession with cutout photos.
 What happened to those legs?
 NERD ALERT - Shakespeare's house
 Stratford-upon-Avon (did you know the Avon is a river - so the town of Stratford is on a river. All this time, I never knew...)
 Welcome to Anne Hathaway's house - no, not Catwoman - Anne, as in Shakespeare's wife, who stayed in the countryside while Shakespeare worked and wrote in London.
I don't know why I love crooked more documenting on Day Two that can be shared though. We were starting to look a little busted. Gotta love jet lag and being in the same clothes for 36 hours.

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