Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heck Yes!!

Sometime I wonder why little girls - my fabulous niece included - pick the clothes that they do.  They'll march into a room with striped leggings, crazy shorts, and two shirts that really aren't meant to be worn together.

While I was running today though I realized I looked like a four-year-old. Black running shoes with neon orange laces, white ankle socks, black Under Armour peaking out from under fuschia shorts with white piping, royal blue tank top over a white sports bra (that was a different strap style than the tank, so it was showing all over the place)....nothing about the outfit said coordinated runner. It screamed "Mae dressed me" except that I wasn't in pink. Thing is, I really didn't care. I realized too that people were probably staring at my hair pulled back with half a dozen bobby pins (not to mention the sports headband and crudely wrapped pony tail older) wondering what was going on. And all I was thinking was "heck yes - my hair is in a pony tail."  It's the little things in life. 

Happy running!


Marianne & Eddie said...

your running is so motivating! one day i'll just bite the bullet and sign up for a half marathon like you.

Lauren said...

It screamed "Mae dressed me" made me LOL