Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Katie & J.D.'s Fairytale Wedding

I do not even know where to begin except to say that a girl met a boy and they fell in love. Watching Katie and J.D.'s relationship unfold has been like watching your favorite romantic comedy - but better because they're real, their love is rooted in their faith, and on July 13th they were married in a stunning redwood grove behind Saint Mary's in Moraga. 

I know I am not the bride, but as a bridesmaid I got to get done up too. Melissa Finlinson worked her magic and made me actually like a put together grown-up. 
The main challenge of the day was that I was getting ready with Melissa from 9-11am and had to stay beautiful for at least twelve hours. Quite the feat, but we did it.
Had to show you how great my eye make-up looked. I loved it! One friend said, "You should do your hair like this more often." Yes, I agree. Too bad I didn't do it myself. :)
Goofie selfie I sent to Jenessa on her mission. Yes, the pout was necessary.
The night before the wedding Katie, Brooke, and I stayed at the Lafayette Park Hotel. All the bridesmaids arrived by noon at the hotel, and we finished getting ready together. This is one of my favorite shots of the whole day taken on my phone waiting for the light to change in front of the hotel. Naturally this is Katie and Margaret (her matron of honor her sister, and her best friend). Seeing them together makes my heart happy.
This is the bridesmaids (Kelly, Margaret, Katie, Brooke, and myself) and Katie waiting behind trees in my car as the guests are arriving. We're hiding from the sun and from J.D. No peaking before the ceremony!
The Katies were my first two friends at San Ramon when I started teaching there in 2007. Katie, the bridesmaid, is currently battling breast cancer and valiantly persevered through all the wedding activities despite feeling pretty awful. Life is always better when both the Katies are around.
Part of what made this day so special was having Seth with me at the wedding, despite it being his 32nd birthday. He kindly let me introduce him to all sorts of people and made conversation with strangers while I got caught up rhapsodizing about who knows what. 

The whole event really could not have gone better. The weather was great. People were happy. The food was delicious. Love was in the air.
Someday I'll post more that includes the groom...and all the bridesmaids and the bride with dresses and flowers showing...but for now, just know that there is still good in this world. There are moments like watching J.D. and Katie smile at each other while they were being married by their dear friend Jer. And there are moments like slow dancing to Ingrid Michaelson's "Can't Help Falling in Love" as the sun sinks behind the trees with my handsome Mr. Mann. It really is a good life.


Lorraine Golden said...

Love it! Great song....our wedding song. You look great btw.

Jenna Giusti said...

Hi!! It's Jenna Giusti, so funny I was looking up pictures of the Redwood Grove because we are thinking about having our reception there! Do you have any more pictures from there?! How was it?! We are going to be having it around that exact same date and ceremony at 3pm in Chapel first :) Hope everything is well with you!