Monday, September 26, 2016

Happiness is....

...seeing that it's almost the 27th when I get to download my next set of Audible books.

...watching the leaves change.

...sweet texts and notes from friends.

...sneaking episodes of Fixer Upper whenever Seth and I find 42 minutes.

...mail that is not a bill or ad, especially cards from Jenessa and new Netfix movies.

...seeing all the fall decorations in my classroom.

...actually sticking to a consistent workout plan. Six solid weeks of five nights a week with my sweetheart working out every minute of it with me.

...dinner with the adorable Partridge family (including uninterrupted time holding their baby girl).

...catching up with both Seth and my parents. We're so lucky to have them.

...seeing the Giants hold on for dear life as the baseball season winds down.

...making plans to take a day off or go on a getaway with Seth.

...seeing October get closer and closer.

...waiting for Courtney and Lorraine to come over for our monthly dinner. Tonight a change of venue to watch (or mock) the presidential debate.

Happy Monday and happy fall y'all.

1 comment:

forget laundry said...

Happiness is blog comments from you- always kind words that keep me ticking. It's feeling like and honorary member of dinners with lorraine and Courtney. It's knowing how happy you are with your Mann. It's totally episodes of fixer upper. It's pumpkin cookies and being half way done with a real live book (inspired by you). It's you cute friend. Love you.