Sunday, July 12, 2009

Questions for God

After a conversation I had with Dallen Webb my senior year of high school, I decided that when I die I get to ask God five questions. I don't know why I picked five. I know I have many more than that, but I probably figured enough things will be clear after crossing to the other side that I'll only have five. This past week I finished Kristin Chenoweth's memoir, and she too has a list of questions for God that jogged my memory on some of the questions that I can't wait to have answers to. So, here are a few of mine....

*Who killed Kennedy? I have to know. Oswald did not act alone. Mob conspiracy, that's my guess.
*Who is actually older - my mom or me? I know we were destined to come at this time, but I really think I was born before my mom in the pre-mortal existence.
*Does caffeine actually cause cancer (or any other defect for that matter)? Because I really love my daily jolt.
*Does caffeine actually cure cancer (or any other defect for that matter)? Because I really love my daily jolt.
*Why are people given trials that make them miserable for years when the purpose of this life is joy?
*Can my grandma's house in heaven be next to mine? I'd really like to have her close by me forever.
*How do you go through even one day keeping track of everyone? I cried all the time because of what was going on in my students' lives, and I had only 175 of them to keep track of. I cannot wait to truly see things through your eyes so that the beginning and the middle of people's respective experiences make more sense.
*Are there fiction writers in the eternities? Grandma won't want to come hangout in the hereafter if there aren't new books. And if there's no caffeine and no books, I may not want to come either (kidding, kidding).

I know that's more than five, and I've got loads more that I could ask. Think about it, what would you ask? It really is a fun thing to think about and enormously satisfying to think that someday we will know the answers to some of life's hardest questions.


Brett, Juliann, and Mae said... I am trying to think about the questions I have, but I am drawing a blank. Haha, welp I better start thinking, so that I am prepared. Love you

Lauren said...

You write the best blogs! And have the best questions! This is definitely one of my favorites...

Karla said...

Question number 1: I'd like an explanation as to the thinking behind the efficient design of male plumbing and the inefficient design of female plumbing. I mean, really, think camping, hiking, emergency bathroom stops... yeah... it's never seemed quite equitable to me.

collette crew said...

if you get books and caffeine, I get my camera and a bosch- which also means a need for milk chocolate chips.

Marvia said...

I have a whole lot of questions for the "old Man". I just read Einsteins biography and he called God the "Old Man". I decided I liked it. Anyway, we'll have to compare notes of the answers we get. :)