Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Belle in Pink

This past weekend I snuck home. A few days is definitely not enough to see everyone and to do everything I want to do. There were some definitely highlights though, and one was Jenessa's junior prom. It was completely surreal to stand next to Rachel and watch Jenessa get ready. Ten years ago, Rachel and I went with Dave and Rob to prom. We had the pre-party in my backyard in Concord and were whisked off to Golden Gate Fields for the best dance I have ever been to. Jenessa was gorgeous and looked absolutely radiant. Her date, the infamous and sweet, Chase Lewis, came to the door looking dapper in his new black suit (with fantastic pink argyle socks). The pre-party was crazy - 50 kids with parents in tow and dozens of cameras flashing incessantly. I loved every second of it. Miraculously no one fell in the pool, and everyone was still smiling when they left to go meet their charter bus.

The pictures are in no particular order and are not laid out well because I don't know how to mess around with photo layout. They're cute just the same.


Chandler and Dani said...

I love the picture with Jenessa and your mom!

Jenessa Alyse said...

haha it was a rockin pre-party wasn't it? glad to give you surreal moments. So happy you were here to give me prom tips. love you lots! J3!

Meg said...

Your sister is so cute. :) Such good lookin' sisters. Glad you enjoyed your stay at home!