Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summer Plans

My summer plans are finally set!

I am going to be working for

and living near

I know - crazy, isn't it?! Life really is full of unexpected adventures. See you on the beach!


Meg said...

That is sweet! What will you be doing for the LA clippers?

C.J. said...


Emily said...

Dear Jaclyn,
Since I live in LA, we definitely need to meet up sometime while you are here!
Love your long lost freshman roommate,

JacksonFamily said...

Sounds Awesome!! Maybe we'll invade Chris's place when he is on one of his many excursions this summer and visit you!

Margaret said...

Woohoo!! So excited for you, and SO glad we got to talk yesterday! Love you!

nikki said...

I didn't know that you got it already!! Congrats! Soooo happy for you lady. :)

Trace said...

ok girlie....i know i screamed in your ear already...but YAY!!!!!!! road trip here i come :)

AA Little said...

Really? Just can't stay away, can ya? Way cool. Congrats.