Thursday, July 1, 2010

Forgetful but Blissful Summer

I wrote a couple posts. I set out my computer bag with my work things in it so that I would be able to carry my computer to work (where the evasive internet is!). I carried that computer bag into work (you see where this is going, don’t you?), and when I opened it – no computer. So no posts, no real updates.
The short version is that I am loving playing tourist in L.A. I love having endless hours to read, walk on the beach, and reconnect with the parts of myself that get lost when life is so crazy. Yes, it’s true that I saw the Eclipse red carpet on premiere night, the Laker parade, and the NHL draft in the same week. I love the summer even with all the forgetfulness that a relaxed state of mind brings….


C.J. said...

It definitely sounds like you're having a MUCH more exciting summer than the rest of us :-) YAY!!!

Brian and Lindsey said...

Nothing like some quality time at the beach to refresh you:) Glad you get this break.