Monday, November 1, 2010


What can I say that does justice to how exciting Orange October has been?! I went to Game One of the World Series - nearly cried through the whole first hour I was there. Tonight the Giants won not only the pennant, but the WORLD SERIES. Dream come true.
[ps. This is the 200th post of my blog. I cannot think of a more fitting topic.]


The Leakes said...

Congratulations on your win. :) We are not huge baseball fans, but Richard flipped the tv on just two minutes before they won and I instantly thought of you. :)

Laurel said...

I saw clips on the news last night and thought of you. How exciting!

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

I knew there was going to be a blog post on the GIANTS. Hello, there had to be! You are one lucky girl getting to go to a World Series game. Glad we were both home together. Love you