Friday, November 26, 2010

Taking Care of Baby Mikhael

The best part of my MPA experience is the people I have had a chance to meet. Michael Gray and his wife Rachel are two of those people. Their beautiful baby boy, Mikhael, has just been diagnosed with leukemia. Michael graduated from the program this past April and still has yet to find a job. Mikhael has already begun chemotherapy and will be in the hospital for a month at a time with only a week at home in-between treatment rounds. They don't have insurance, and they are desperately trying to make ends meet. If you are able, please donate to their their pledgie account (where you can also read more about what is happening for the Gray family) to help cover Mikhael's medical costs. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you all!

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Lizzy Lambson said...

Oh, Jaclyn! Sam and I were in the Gray's ward the year we were back from Orange County and bumped around at the activities with them. Thanks for the information!