Sunday, November 21, 2010

snowflakes and a procrastinating grad student

it's trying to snow outside and i just want to watch the wind swirl the leaves. i'm trying to write a paper. i have a feeling the snow storm will be more successful than i am since i keep doing anything but write my paper. the goal was to have a solid draft by 3:10pm (yes i was that specific). the draft needs to be six pages long. i'm on page two. whether i finish the draft by my goal time or not, the paper will be done by 8am tomorrow, and then i will be on my way to tahoe for thanksgiving. the question is how insane the next 18 hours will be. oddly enough, i determine my own sanity (or lack thereof). maybe that walk in the wind and hail wasn't such a good idea last night....oh well, catch ya on the flipside. ps. 705 pages (if you don't count the textbooks i was never planning on reading anyway) left to read before november 30th. grad school truly is a delight.


Trace said...

oh the joys, right? good luck! just think only a couple days till Thanksgiving :) Hooray for the holidays and a break from school! Love you

Jenessa Alyse said...

Random question-Were you rebelling by not capitalizing anything? Please say that was planned. I cannot wait for you to get here. So glad your paper will be done before you come. We can read together =)

P.S. we are sharing a room. SCORE. late night giggles? Of course!