Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half-Marathon - Pre-Run

It has been months, but it's absolutely essential to document the Rock 'n' Roll half-marathon that Jenessa, Maria, and I ran on October 7th of last year. Becoming a runner was one of the highlights of last year, and this particular run helped solidify in our minds that this was not a "one and done" type of event. Once a runner, always a runner. 
 Early on Saturday morning, the girls and I trekked to San Jose Health Expo to pick up our race packets. This picture reminded  me of Jem and the Rockers - couldn't resist the photo op.
 No idea why we made Ness be documents with the Nesquik bunny, except that chocolate milk is delicious - even at twenty-nine and nineteen, respectively.
 We were trying to document our Lululemon purchases without smiling with these funny looking bags. This was what we came up with. I think our hunger was getting in the way of successful posing ideas. 
 The shirts are obviously what was in the Lulemon bags. We decided that for our first race, we wanted to be matchy-matchy. All throughout the course, people called Jenessa and I the Double Mint twins. 
 This race was in lieu of our normal J2 Walkathon - the motto is j-walk or die, and on a thirteen mile race course, we did all sorts of j-walking (j-running??). Successful event to be sure--
It was Tracy's idea that she and I do this race back during December 2011. Unfortunately, she and David ended up having a scheduling conflict, but had to give her a shout out for inspiring us with the idea in the first place. 
 I ended up moving from the 14th corral up to the 9th to leave the gates with Maria and Jenessa. Even still this is the tag that I am thrilled to have hanging on my wall at school.
Months later my face breaks into a full grin seeing these pictures.
Seth was nice enough to wake up way too early to drive the three of us down to San Jose, so we wouldn't have to park a car or worry about having shaking legs while driving back. He also brought his camera and helped document the madness.
Off we go. See you in 13.1 miles!

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