Monday, January 21, 2013

TV Land

Wintertime means more television because when it is cold, I want to curl up with a blanket in front of a fire. Throw in that winter means more intense days at school, and disappearing into a good show can make a rough day a bit less dramatic. So greetings from TV Land - here's what I'm into lately.....

Next Iron Chef: Redemption
I know the Food Network doesn't captivate some of you the way it captivates me, but I loved this season of the Next Iron Chef. Maybe it's because I know more of the chefs or because I'm getting more adventurous in the kitchen. I watched this show every week - more so than even Grey's (which you know I love - hello, Owen and Cristina?!?). If you have even a vague inclination towards the culinary world, check this one out. 

I love Claire Danes - from My So-Called Life to now, she has been fantastic. I love her style and the way that she can melt into her characters in a way that you forget what other roles she's had. Homeland is no different. Playing a bi-polar CIA agent, Danes manages to make you believe in terrorist threats, real or contrived. Managing to be both brilliant and vulnerable simultaneously, I found myself holding my breath during the show unable anticipate whether Danes' character Carrie was on the right track of an American prisoner of war who she believed had been turned into an agent for a terrorist. All that said, this show has a high "sketch factor" and should not be viewed anywhere near kiddies. Still, I cannot wait to track down season two.

Downton Abbey
You knew I couldn't resist a shameless plug for Masterpiece's most recent season of Downton Abbey. Even with its melodramatic flares, I find myself drawn into these characters once again. Only three episodes in, I can't tell where exactly we're headed, but I love that Sybil is at home, that Mary and Matthew finally are together, and that there is the possibility that Bates and Anna might find their way back to each other. 

Like I said, wintertime means a bit more television, but when there options as good as this, I may be staying in a bit more than I should come warmer weather. Happy watching!

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