Saturday, January 11, 2014

Just Do It or Why Nine Posts in a Single Morning

I have split personalities. Part of me is a doer - someone who sees something that needs to be accomplished and just takes care of it. The old adage, why do tomorrow what could be done today, echoes through my mind and I race to check things off my silly to do lists. The other part of me is a procrastinator - someone who see things that are not absolutely essential to survival that can be saved for another day and leaves them, sometimes for days and sometimes for months. The past few weeks I have decided that I have decided that I am no longer split - I am either going to just do the things that I supposedly say I value (I'd like that supposedly to be taken off) and eliminate those things that are a distraction from what's most important. The cliched ideas that there's no time like the present and that having less to do's will help you sleep better at night are cliche for a reason - they're absolutely true and I don't want to waste my life thinking I should have done more. I want just want to be out there doing the things I love most and being the best possible version of myself. Life is too short for anything else.

{ps. If it's still unclear why nine posts in a single morning...I have had reviewing the books I read this fall on my to do list for MONTHS...and I finally did it. Now to the next...}

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