Saturday, June 21, 2014

Style & Simplicity: An A to Z Guide to Living a More Beautiful Life

Simple Decor, Extravagant Living: The Watson Kennedy A to Z Guide to a More Beautiful LifeSimple Decor, Extravagant Living: The Watson Kennedy A to Z Guide to a More Beautiful Life by Ted Kennedy Watson
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Four years ago I walked into Watson Kennedy in Seattle and fell in love - it was everything a store should be. Vintage sheet music, gorgeously bound books, delicate trinkets, letter pressed stationary, etc. Jewels and I were so enamored that we went to both locations of the store every day that we were in town on that trip. I did the same a year later with Katie. And just a couple months ago I revisited Seattle and there was Watson Kennedy in book form - something that I could take home and pour over. I could be inspired by the store owner's vision of what a home could be. It is not a "how to" book, but rather an A to Z collection of things that Ted Watson Kennedy views as details that can make life that much more beautiful. From fresh flowers to ephemera to lit candles, Ted takes us through a world that seems to glow with that perfect light of dusk on a summer night - where you can hear laughter from a dinner party and smell faintly the barbecue coals or bonfire that is being set up for roasting s'mores and telling stories.

I am sure that part of my love for this book has to do with nostalgia and visiting this store with the type of relish that most would say is a bit odd when directed at a store, but I am so happy to have this have talked to Ted Watson Kennedy about it as my parents and I shopped in the Pike Place Watson Kennedy. Either way this book is a perfect addition to my new apartment as I aim to make life that much more beautiful and worth remembering.

Happy reading and happy living!

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