Saturday, March 19, 2016

Current Loves & Obsessions

*I cannot get enough of Peter Hollens. I put his youtube channel playlist on every chance I get. If you haven't heard him, stop what you're doing and look him up. LOVE.
*I started listening to the Harry Potter books again in the fall. I'm now nearing the end of the sixth one. I am so content to get lost in Rowling's world of Hogwarts, unlikely heroes, English phrasing, etc, etc. Plus Jim Dale's voice is now so familiar that I start to miss it if I haven't heard it in a long time. I will be sad when the final pages of book seven are over. Then I think the next time I go through the books will be with a future son or daughter...if I can wait that long.
*I should probably be over this, but I am obsessed with our wedding photos. We still are trying to figure out which to hang in our apartment and which to include in a wedding album, so I use that as an excuse to pour over our pictures and relive our blissfully happy day.
(All wedding photography credits go to the amazing Kristina Curtis)
*My sophomores are studying "The Book Thief" right now. I love watching them appreciate Zusak's master storytelling. I could not love this story or Zusak's writing more.
*Henry got glasses, and he's beyond adorable. He chose black frames to be like Batman. 
*March 8 was International Women's Day. Amidst all the horrible political rhetoric, I was inspired by the hope and message of the day. One of my sophomores, a petite Indian girl who will be an extraordinary woman someday, came dressed very subtly as Rosie the Riveter. These girls really will change the world if only given the chance. #onedayIwill
*That, of course, leads me to Emma Watson's work on the HeForShe campaign. I love this campaign, particularly Emma's work, because it has not focused on women's rights at the detriment or chastisement of men. It's about people being treated fairly, not because they are men or women, but because they are human. Empowering others doesn't take away from our own strength, but rather increases our own potential. 
*My sisters and I went to Disneyland last weekend with Seth, Chad, and Mae. One of my favorite (although uncaptured) views were Mae's little arms stretched as high as they would go whenever we were on any sort of roller coaster. She really is a powerhouse in the making.
*Wouldn't be normal life if I didn't include something about Seth that I am currently loving...not that I could ever choose one: that guy's smile just melts my heart, his earnest desire to see me happy, the fact that he chooses my company over everything else he could be doing, that he goes on adventures with me, and kisses me good night and first thing every morning. I love my Mr. Mann. 
Happy spring. Happy life. 


forget laundry said...

i love that mae went to disneyland with you guys. when can she have that many adults doting on her? so sweet. loved this sweet post- and love and obsessed with you! xoxo

Jenessa Hutchins said...

This is a quality post. Love you tons.