Sunday, November 15, 2009

Promised Pictures - Part 1

I know, I know - Rachel & Nate's wedding was more than two months ago. I promised pictures though and better late than never. For the record, having Rachel get married was one of the most surreal experiences. She is one of my oldest friends-- the one who I giggled with over middle school crushes, who I got in trouble with for hours spent talking on the phone when we were supposed to be doing homework, and who I transitioned with from college student to working adult. The last time Rachel and I had been even close to that dressed up, we had been going to junior prom with Rob Webb and Dave Brafman. Crazy how fast time goes!

Getting our nails done before the big day!

The bridesmaids - Can you tell which one isn't a Hansen sister?

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Anderson - Sept. 5, 2009

I'm never really sure about these poses. We were supposed to be "smelling our flowers" - this is one of the more normal ones.

I love the back of Rachel's dress. The off-white lace was stunning against Rachel's tan skin.

Jenessa and I got to play all weekend together while the rest of the family was in Idaho getting Cameron set up at BYU-I. We had so much fun.

As she often does, Tracy saved the day. I had never tried on the dress (the joys of being in Utah when the wedding is being planned in California), and it was two sizes too big. The morning of the wedding, Tracy valiantly scoured stores with me looking for the right black camisole and then stitched the dress while it was on me so that it would fit. Thanks to her patience and great taste, you'd never know...

Stay tuned for more promised pictures from the past couple months!

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collette crew said...

you look like a total babe in these pictures. rachel looks beautiful too. I've looked at your blog numerous times and never comment- what's up with that? loving you. thanks for looking out for me.