Thursday, February 11, 2010

Liz's Brilliant Musings

During my "last" year in Provo I lived with three fabulous friends - Maria (who I had met by chance and ultimately would become one of my dearest friends), Mags (who I am sure is a long lost sister), and Liz (who is very possibly the coolest person I ever lived with. In everything she did/does, Liz is completely her own person. When I grow up, I want to be her.). I have repressed a lot of what happened that year-- the two car accidents, the lost feeling that accompanied my sixth year in Provo, the fear of Ryan being really sick, etc. That said, I have not repressed how great it was to live with these girls. Living with Liz was a completely new experience. I loved getting to know her, and like I said I wanted to be her. Her writing possessed everything I wanted to have - authentic voice, beautifully crafted language, compelling stories - that even when completely fanciful were poignant and and compelling....

Now two plus years later, Liz still writes. Her blog is one of my favorites because it's so real, and it's so honest. Today she posted about cultural ambiguity. I love what she said. My views on culture are so wrapped up in the fact that I feel like I don't have a culture to cling to. I've tried embracing my German heritage - that's the one I talk about most often. I've tried being a bit more Italian - but the blonde hair throws people off, and really - I'm probably more English or Scottish than I am Italian.

There's no way to adequately wrap up what I think about this subject, but if you have a minute, read what Liz said. For lack of a better phrase, it's great food for thought. Enjoy! {Liz and her Sam during a great photo shoot on frozen Utah LAKE~}

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Lizzy Lambson said...

Wow, thanks Jacyln--you are so thoughtful! That was a wild year--but it seems like every year in Provo turns out to be a difficult year in one way or another. Maybe that's the nature of the place--ha. I was off in hippy land that year, and I'm really glad I'm not anymore. But I did want to say, that photo was on the frozen Utah Lake in Provo--wild, huh? It was a sunny day, and on the way off the ice I fell through--but right near the shore, so it wasn't a huge deal. Scary though. Anyway, thanks and three cheers for your blog!