Monday, February 8, 2010


Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE Sundance. I drive up at least once a week to unwind and to just take in the whole awe-inspiring scene. I love those mountains. I love the trees that line the road up to the resort and Aspen Grove. I love the sound of the river. If I could live up at that resort for the rest of my life, I would gladly live in Utah forever....

Sundance has been especially beautiful this winter. If you ever want to go, I'm there. You do not have to ask twice.


Laurel said...

Great pictures! Sundance truly is a beautiful place.

Karla said...

When I was your age (back in the Ice Age of course), Sundance was the place I went to find my sanity on a weekly basis. My children were too young to remember, but I would load them into their carseats in the minivan and I would drive up to Sundance. Sometimes we got out of the car; many times I would just pull off to the side of a road and look at the mountain views.

Life was very hard back then for me. "Who I was" was getting lost amidst many voices saying different things to me and bringing different pressures on me. Sundance was the place where I could reassure myself that I was who I knew I was. The mountains were steady and immoveable when everything else in my life was being rocked and reeled back and forth.

I don't have words to describe how nourishing Sundance has always been for me.

If you're ever looking for a Butch Cassidy to come along on one of your Sundance Kid escapes up there... let me know!!!

Jenessa Alyse said...

i have a bright idea =) lets go up there while i'm there!