Saturday, February 6, 2010


“Really” is probably one of my most overused words. It’s one of the classic emphasis words (i.e., I’m REALLY excited for the Olympics to start this week). It’s also a common response to someone else’s comment (i.e., what Jewels says most often to Mae’s jabbering). More than that, it’s a sarcastic, but more polite way of saying “yeah right” or “no freaking way.” Or without the sarcasm, it’s the sign of incredulity – sometimes because I have no idea what someone is talking about or I can’t fathom what someone is saying. So here is a post dedicated to all different types of Really?!

*More than 70% of all Mallomars are consumed in the Manhattan metropolitan area. It says so on the box. My mom sent me Mallomars recently in honor “Gilmore Girls” – how have I never had these cookies before? Marshmallows and chocolate?! Heaven on a plate, especially since they are the type of cookie that you don’t feel compelled to eat more than one or two at a

*Encyclopedias are all but gone. That’s crazy! I saw a clip from an old sitcom last week where an encyclopedia salesman came to the main character’s door. My mom totally bough reference books from salesmen like that. I LOVED those books (yes, nerd tendencies have been my reality all my life). Don’t get me wrong – Google is magical, but it’s not the same as flipping through the dusty pages of our 1970s set of World Book encyclopedias.

*I love random news headlines on that have nothing to do with important world happenings like for example, “No fairytale. Teen sleeps for 13 days.” Who would do homework when they could read about that? True story by the way – a fifteen-year-old girl in the UK has an exceptionally rare disorder where she goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up for days at a time. {See – don’t you wish you read those newsfeeds?}

*Jenessa, my mom, and I went on a quick shopping trip the morning before I came back to Provo after career week (this is not the “really?!” part). We went to Sunvalley Mall (I know – crazy genes won the battle that morning) and had pizookies at BJ’s (not crazy at all – so delicious!). We visited American Eagle – all three of us bought something – 50, 26, and 16 – I think, ironically, my mom’s purchase was the best one. On our way out of the mall, we passed a small Borders that was going out of business. We loaded up on random books that were all 60-90% off. It was like that last Christmas gift that you find behind the tree – completely unexpected, completely fantastic. I love shopping with my girls (even more when Jewels and Mae can be there too!).

*I am so bad about getting rid of ratty t-shirts, but yesterday I actually threw away my Harvard t-shirt. My mom and Ryan got the shirt for me on Ryan’s choir trip to Boston. I loved that shirt –hence the ratty and the conspicuous holes. It was time that it was retired, and since it’s frayed edges wouldn’t really do much for a t-shirt quilt (not to mention the fact that I never attended Harvard or even really aspired to it like Rory), it is in the dumpster behind my apartment building.

*Speaking of old things, I found the address portion of my planner from freshman year of college. So odd to see names of people I don’t talk to anymore or to see the old numbers and addresses. Hard to believe that those days of David John hall or the early months of Raintree are so long ago!

*Lastly, I am sleeping more this semester – a good seven plus hours a night. It coupled with the fact that I’m going to the gym regularly is divine. I’m much more balanced and calm this semester. It "really" is an MPA miracle....

ps. Carli had her baby! So exciting-- fantastic too because ages ago we started calling her "Carli Marie" because she didn't have a middle name. Guess what baby girl Perry's middle name is?! Welcome Paige Marie to the world. Your Raintree aunts can't wait to met you!


Kaulana and Nicole said...

Was the sitcom you're referring to with the encyclopedias by any chance Friends??? : ) That show will never get old for me. I watch it almost daily!

Lauren said...

Mallomars are also mentioned in Felicity, you know that kid that got hit by a bus (funniest moment of all time fyi), he sent Felicity Mallomars in his stalker box. Look at me applying the knowledge you gave me. I can totally hear Jewels saying "Oh really!" to Mae's babblings by the way. So cute.