Sunday, February 7, 2010

On My Mind

Today I've thought about...

...which chocolate banana bread recipe would be best to try. I settled on the one with sour cream in it. The bread is in the oven, so we'll find out soon if it was a good choice. much I want the Colts to win the Superbowl. Peyton Manning's precision is incredible.

...Jewels and Brett's constant willingness to let Ryan and I crash their fabulous place. Love them and Mae's personality. Can't get enough of the Munson clan. {Found this picture randomly in my photo library today. Mae has grown up so much! Love the reflection in the mirror--}

...the obsession some of us have with "Friends" - yes, my reference with the encyclopedias in the "Really?!" post was to Joey and the bizarre looking Penn (aka the salesman). I wasn't trying to be purposely vague - just trying to resist the urge to keep mentioning that show.

...the time it will take for "Sherlock Holmes" to hit the dollar theater. It's definitely worth a second viewing. Saw that last night with Emerald-- brilliant one liners, fantastic details, great music to set the tone, and of course, can't help but love the actors. Great too to catch up with Emerald and to run into Ian.

...if I had been a few days later with my "instead of" post that my conversation with Katie Fin that lasted until midnight on Wednesday would have been included. Instead of reading for HR or going to sleep, I had a great catch up session with her.

...Maria's upcoming birthday, Jewels and Brett's third anniversary, and Karleen and my half birthday - all February 10th, by the way.

...the fact that even though I don't like that football season is ending, March Madness and spring training are tangibly close.

...Sarah McLachlan and how much I still love listening to her albums. This week I had flashbacks to those days of sitting in my closet (yes you read that right) in high school and talking on the phone about the latest drama.

...the back of Uma Thurman's wedding dress in "The Accidental Husband" - so rare to love any aspect of a wedding dress with sleeves. Love Jeffrey Dean Morgan by the way. choice for a "Groundhog Day' - not the weather factor, but in honor of the fact that it was that little rodent's day this week, I've been pondering what day I would relive over and over. I definitely think it goes back to one of the days I spent in Kauai a few years ago - perfect warm, white sand, ice blue water, good books, cold chocolate drinks with pineapple in them, fabulous family, etc, etc.

...the worth of hearing other people's testimonies. Doesn't really matter what aspect of faith they talk about. It just helps reiterate why we believe what we believe. much I love the example of those who have gone before. I watched "Special Witnesses of Christ" today for the first time in ages. Powerful, reaffirming, uplifting, and about a dozen other adjectives. If it's been a while, watch it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I am more than happy to share. I miss Pres. Hinckley by the way. He was such a great example of faith. classic Ryan's reactions are to the ups and downs the game. I better start paying full attention. Later skaters!


Lauren said...

I miss that little baby in the sink beyond all description! And I can't believe Jewels has been married three years... dare I say... it makes me feel old.

Juliann said...

I loved falling asleep to the wonderful aroma of banana bread and I love that picture of Mae.